Artist Bio

It’s always been a thing for me, art. One of my earliest memories is of the feeling I had when I went back to school after having a day off, to find out that I missed a colouring competition and that Ben Lambert won the first prize of an orange stack hat. I was not happy.  It was prep. But, already I knew that art, and being good at it, was important to me. 

Apart from folk art lessons at ‘the lavender basket’ when I was 10 or so, and studying art in my VCE, I have no real training. As with most things, I just do what feels right.
At times, painting is meditative for me. That, and writing the occasional song has gotten me through some tough times, it’s brought clarity and peace. Sometimes, my paintings will come with a poem or short story relating to what I was feeling when I was painting. Maybe you’ll relate to one too.
These days, I paint in the lounge room, the kitchen and the shed, usually with my kids along side me providing ever constructive feedback or making something of their own. I’m a Libran and indecisive. Maybe those two things are related, maybe not. But it means I’ve never been able to decide on one particular style of art. And so, I continue to do what feels right, and whatever I like at the time! And finally, I’ve gotten off my backside and made this website! So, thanks for visiting! I hope you find something here to hang on your walls forever!