If I’m honest, 2023 was not particularly memorable, even though it had some pretty memorable moments. It felt like it flew by at record speed but the beginning of the year somehow seems like a decade ago. I started the year doing my first gigs at a small pub in the hills, singing in public for the first time. This was amazing and for the first time in a while, I felt really alive. With this came plans to do more gigs, write more music and record an album. But those plans were unfortunately derailed.  Half way through the year I took the plunge and started seeing a personal trainer. Uncomfortable in my body, I decided to do something about it. Then on my second session, I hurt my back and ended up in hospital for 5 days.  My plan to transform my body was derailed.  In October, the kids and I spent a few days in Queensland.  It was such a nice break and we all had a ball. But tbh I couldn’t afford it and now my finances were derailed. So, I started doing markets to try and make some money. No money was made. I worked really hard in my job, which I love but didn’t make enough time for fun. It was all a bit blurgh, you know.  Ordinary. So this year, in 2024, I’m seeking extraordinary.  I’m calling in the things that will set me on fire. A nice man, more time with my friends, creating art that means something to me, making improvements to my health and longevity, enough money to really live instead of just getting by. I’m seeking experiences and learning that will be seared into my memory, and last a lifetime. Because I’m tired of the usual shit. I’ll take some unusual thanks. Weird or extraordinary even. Yeah.

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