The Path from Thinking to Speaking has Potholes in it.

While they are silent, contained in my head, my thoughts and ideas are safe. Comprehensive. Articulate. Intricate. Evolved. Organised. But, my god. As soon as those thoughts escape my brain via my mouth, they turn into a wild, jumbled mess and I sound like a complete dumb dumb.  I speak and while the word vomit spews out of me I’m completely conscious of the rambling and completely unable to fix it. So I’m faced with the choice of keep talking and sound like a dumb arse or shut up and come across as utterly uninterested and uninteresting. It’s like the road from the thoughts in my head to the words coming out of my mouth is full of potholes and I’m about to break an axle haha 


And this, my friends, is why I’m so terrible at first dates 😂



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