The Storm Before The Calm

Things have been stormy of late. Real stormy. There has been moments where the clouds that my head was stuck in broke and I was gifted sunshine that warmed my skin and my heart. Fleeting moments that inevitably resulted in my being battered and bruised and drowning and forced time and again to retreat to the fortress from where I came. I have a love affair with this place. It’s filled with smoke and secure insecurity that protects me from being broken. But for all the protection it provides it also prevents the gold from coming in and filling the broken parts and so I’m evicting myself from this fortress. I’ll lock it up and hide the key in a place that I hope to forget in time. Armed with a small umbrella and a good coat, I’m going in search of gold, within myself and my people and my imagination and I’ll repair my broken parts myself. I don’t want this fortress any more. This has been the storm before the calm.


June 2019

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